Letter To Lost Love

Sending a letter to lost love is something everyone has thought about about. Sending a love letter to lost love does the same thing to most everyone. Yes, we cry and they bring out the truest part of who we are. Love is a funny thing. We search for it so desperately. We need it like the air we breathe. Even the people who say they are not "needy" people, need love, require it, and revel in it.

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And everyone, no matter who you are, have thought of sending a letter to someone lost. And for many, one that needs written. Love letters that are long over due. It may be for a past love you have never have forgotten, or it could have been a love that you know that should have been, but didn't. But like the title of a song, "Love Remembers".

When getting together with friends and talking about the past, I am sure that one person comes to mind. The one that got away maybe? Did you both leave each other because of something silly? Or was it pride that got in the way of something that could have been? Should of been?

Are you going to go through your whole life and never tell that person what really needed to be said? Are you going to hold all this inside of you? Forever? A letter to lost love just has to be written, and you know it.

Sometimes in our solitude, we can contemplate what happened, and be honest with ourselves. The way we should have been with the person you were never going to be able to forget, and still can't. Yes, things should have been said. But for some reason we try not to be vulnerable when face to face and not tell the entire truth. Trying to save face and pride gets in our way.

For those of us who have a hard time expressing ourselves, sometimes love letters are the only way we can get it out. By the way, you need to address that issue, don't you think? How can you have a relationship with someone you love so much, and never tell them? Or express the love you have? I guess that is why Hallmark Cards are so popular. Love letters I know may be a part of life gone by. A generation ago where it was normal to write these. And we have gotten away from this most romantic part of our being.

These people in our lives are a part of us. One that touches are soul, but are never spoke of. We hold this feeling that just won't die. But it's supposed to, right? Well, time does heal all wounds, right? But it will never erase the memory. If you are still thinking of that person today, you need to write a letter to lost love. I am sure you wonder, "what if"? But life is full of choices, and every choice you make in your life from a young age, will determine your future. I promise!

These lost loves are just that. Choices that didn't work for the two of you. Sometimes regrettably. But you can't change the past and all you have is your memories. So click over to our letter page and write the letter, and say the things you never said. That letter to lost love will make you feel good inside. It is posted with initials or first names only, and by State if you desire, so your letter to lost love will stay private. The only person that will know of this love is the person you are writing to.

Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest, And as time passes, and you can't go back, a letter to lost love, a letter from the heart, will make you feel good inside.

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