...love remembers

A Date or Relationship?

Is it a date or relationship? Good question, but one only you can answer. Or I should say you both need to answer honestly.

We are all different people, as you know by now. Really different! We all look at all parts of our lives in a different way, which includes your significant other.

Is it after six dates you say, "we're an item"? Or maybe it's six months? Could it be after one year, or after someone's boots are under your bed? Some say it's a time frame and someone else might say not until the "I Love Yous" are spoken.

You see how different we are? Most important is that at this stage, whatever stage it is that makes you need an answer, you both need to be honest. You might think that it is definitely a relationship, and your partner may think, we are just dating.

By clearing the air, it provides an atmosphere of no misunderstanding, and resulting heartbreak. You may be surprised by the answer, and maybe not. Hopefully not!

Some people know each other for a few months and get married, and others are engaged for years. The question of whether it is a date or is it a relationship is your call because love remembers.

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