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A Dark Past

What if you met someone that you were crazy about, but they had a dark past? Would you continue? Would you marry them? These are questions that affect many people involved in a romantic relationship.

I read an article about a woman who was actually part of a harem. No really. She stopped and then a time later met a man whom she cared for deeply, and him, her. Does she tell and potentially, or should I say probably, ruin the relationship?

Well, she did fess up, and they married. It's funny, as I have seen this before. I have known men to marry a woman that had a questionable past. Not to say that women are the only ones that have a questionable past, it's the only ones that I have first hand knowledge of. We are all guilty, men and women alike.

But would a dark past in your partner stop your romantic relationship with them? Prostitution is a tough one, or so it would seem. But love is a funny thing, I think we all know that. No one is perfect, and I think we can all agree with that. But is there ever a point when you would walk away.

In my opinion, I don't think any of us could make that call until we were in that position. Of course something like this would be hard to swallow, but would it be harder to live without someone you love very much?

Can a dark past be forgotten and never be brought up and move along with life as if it never happened? Would it be thrown into the other persons face in the heat of an argument? Ever?

Honestly, I think every person would have a different take on it. Do people deserve second chances? And maybe those who have had a dark past don't see it as so. They may not even think it was a little taboo.

As we are all different people, what is taboo to me may not be for you. Let's face it, today more then ever, sex is open and porno is actually part of the main stream today. It's not taboo at all for many anymore.

There are many who bring a third person into their romantic lives, and ever share with couples. Most of these people are people you probably know. Some hide it, and some don't. Are they bad people? Not so. They love sex, and share their desires with people who feel the same way. We are all different.

There is no such thing as normal. But does this mean you walk away from someone you love? It will all depend on the person, but I think you already know that.

When you meet someone, and they make your heart "stop", do you walk away because of a dark past? I just don't think you would, as love remembers.

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