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Does Age Difference Matter?

A common question is regarding if a relationship works when there is an age difference? That's a loaded question, but I will try to make some sense out of it for you.

Ideally, if two people fall in love and they are within five years of each other, there are really very few, if any issues. The average age difference is three years. These two people basically, and for the most part have grown up in the same generation. The music they listen to, and relate to affects each of them the same really. Different fads that come and go also affects these two people pretty much the same. And what has happened in their lives as far as history affects each other the same.

In other words, they have a lot in common as far as the world itself goes. There are subjects that they both can relate to and have intelligent conversations about. This time frame of five years or less does have it's problems when youth is involved however. The difference between an eighteen year old and a twenty three year old is quite significant because of the maturity level at these ages.

And we won't even talk about age group differences when people are younger. No one should go there. I do understand different States have laws regarding ages of people in these circumstances, and many States have different laws. But it is not healthy, especially for the younger of the two.

In this world of ours these days, the age of someone, or the age difference between two people doesn't seem to be as much of a shock as it used to be. People seem to be more acceptable of this relationship.

For many years, you would most commonly see an older man with a younger woman. The new thing these days is an older woman with a younger man. All in all, and without condemning the reasons for these age differences for the two involved, a five year difference works. Especially for women seeking a younger man.

It makes sense for women, especially as we age, as a man doesn't live as long as a woman generally speaking. So a woman can partner up with a younger man and they will live out there lives together, instead of the man dieing early and leaving the woman alone for years.

Another advantage of a woman seeking a younger man is they are more active, and have a younger perspective of zest for life. Generally, an older man will start to slow down sooner then their female counterpart of the same age.

And the subject of sex hasn't even come in to discussion yet. Women are at their peak sexually at an older age, then men. Therefore, a woman can experience rewarding and exciting sex with a younger man for many more years then with an older man. Let's face it, youth has vitality.

These are desirable features for a woman. And with the advance in technology, we are living longer. And not only longer, but a woman can look much younger then a man at the same age.

This is not to say that every man doesn't hold their own in the aging process, but I think you will find that woman hold up a little better.

Issue's that seem to arise with an age difference is when people get together and the difference becomes larger. A five year to ten year age difference can start to become a little different. Although these two people can love each other to death, and thoroughly love, respect, and appreciate each other, the other person is in another generation, so to speak.

How one person views life in many different ways, will tend to be different then the partner in this age difference. The younger of the two, will look at the world and life an a different perspective. It really depends on the two involved, the depth of love for each other.

Many times the differences are the things that will eventually separate them, in time. Especially as the age of these two progresses. Let's face it, one person being thirty three and the other being forty three is not that bad. But what happens when one person is forty five and the other is fifty five? That ten year age difference is making these two people really different.

How you were when you were forty five is a great deal different when you are fifty five, for men and women. I can tell you. I am fifty five and in good shape, and look good if I do say so myself. lol But I am quite a different man then when I was forty five. Things change.

The real difference in this age difference is when one person is sixty and the other is seventy. Sixty is not that old these days, but seventy is a far cry from sixty. Can two people survive these differences at these ages? Anything is possible, but it can be difficult.

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Has Age Difference Affected Your Romantic Relationship?

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