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Age Differences


I read an age differences article:

In love? It's not enough to keep a marriage, study finds.


Tue Jul 14, 6:04 am ET

In part it says: It found that a husband who is nine or more years older than his wife is twice as likely to get divorced, as are husbands who get married before they turn 25.

We talked about a couple of age groups and some of the concerns, but we haven't spoke of those that exceed a ten year age difference. I have know a couple of them in my life. The people I have known, the man was the older one in the partnership. The woman were between fifteen and eighteen years younger.

Again, when love comes knocking on your door, people always answer the door. These differences in age are substantial however. And like all circumstances, the difference will become an issue as the two age. The difference in all parts of life, views on the world, stamina, health, music, world events, etc. will become an issue. Let's face it, when one person is fifty and the other is sixty five or seventy, issue's may complicate their lives. Not to mention the difference when they are younger. Even if you look at on person being thirty and the other being forty five or fifty.

Love is a funny thing though. People are in search of it every day. The people that find it are so happy, and the ones that it has eluded, they are still in search of it. We aren't meant to go through life without another to share the journey.

When two people find love nothing seems to matter. Are their successful partnerships with age differences? Of course there are! But be aware of the complication that may arise. The older one is sure to get the short end of the stick. And if you thought dealing with unrequited love was hard when you were young, dealing with this when you are older is sure to be devastating.

There is nothing more terrible then losing a love. The internet is full of advice and stories about lost love, divorce, etc. And all these people are devastated. It is hard enough to make a relationship work, let alone introducing into the relationship a potential problem that WILL affect this partnership.

Sometimes, if you really love this person with such an age difference, it may be better to walk away from a relationship. These are decisions that only you can make, so make wise ones, as love remembers.

Has Age Difference Affected Your Romantic Relationship?

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