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All I can Offer Is Love

Is that enough?

If someone says to that all I can offer is love, is that enough? Is it?

I'm sure that many have had to ask themselves that question. And if you have had to ask yourself that question, then the love you had for that person was "conditional." Not the right answer to tell you the truth. Maybe you are looking for a business agreement from someone you like?

If a person you love, loves you "unconditionally" and has nothing else and says all I can offer is love, is that a deal breaker?

So many crave love. We are human and that is the first priority in most everyone's lives. We mourn over it, we fight over it, we kill over it, we look everywhere for it, we cry for it, but when it comes right down to it, do you have to have more to accept it and would you accept someone telling you that all I can offer is love?

There are many good people out there that find one another sooner or later. And oh happy we become. Some people go as far to say that "she is my drug, or he is my drug". And they are not far off scientifically. Studies have shown that the feeling of being in love is comparable to the euphoria of being on drugs. Love actually stimulates the brain in the same way.

Our world, our society has changed so much over the years. Where once love was the answer, it is now money for many. So when someone says all I have to offer is love, for many it's not enough, and that's a shame. Because you may accept a relationship without it, but you will forever look for it, to experience it.

You can never replace, money or not, and all I can offer is love - is the love someone gives you. And they do give it to you as it is a gift.

With so many people these days divorcing, many tend to move on to another person in their life. Problem being, that they usually have responsibilities and dare I say it, monthly payments, that are due. For a potential new partner that has these responsibilities, whether it is money, time, or both for the previous relationship, it takes away from the new love that you just created.

Depending on how wealthy you are, and how much time you have to give to your previous relationship, it can be a burden, or so it seems.

Is it a burden, or is the relationship about me, me, me, or is it about we, we, we???

Many people settle for the money and what they can live with for a person. And all the rest of their lives they will yearn for love. Unconditional Love. They will live their life, but will always wonder if they should have sacrificed financially for someone to love them to death, no matter what.

That's really what the old fashioned vows really meant. For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. These are the words of unconditional love. And if you noticed if you have been to any weddings lately, people right their own vows now and usually skip over some of this part.

But how many people love unconditionally and mean it when they say all I can offer is love?

You may very well walk away from someone because they will tell you that all I have to offer you is love, and that may be a very big mistake. Think long and hard on this one. Many people I have known have married for money only, to be unhappy and ended up divorcing, with money of course.

The worst part of this is as years go by and all this takes place, you fail to think about the years that are passing. No, there are no do-overs, and yes, we all go around just once. Years have a funny way of moving faster it seems as you age. and before you know it, it is over. Do you want it to be over without having someone to love you in this way?

So, the next time someone says to you "that all I can offer you is love", I hope you say "that's all I need", as love remembers.

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