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Angels Of Love

Angels of Love are something not all of us believe in. In relationships, I believe many, if not all of us have had angels cross our paths. I'm not talking about spiritual ones, but real life human contact from someone that changed your life.

I'm not even talking directly about love relationships, but rather people that have made a difference in your life. You may thank them with a statement like. "you're an angel". Or you may have experienced a person that you just felt close to or has helped you in ways that maybe you can't put into words.

Sometimes, we just can't explain it. Balance we know is there because of them. They help us on our journey, we feel good they are there, but usually are not there forever. They help us find our way. Some people call them guardian angels. I like to call them angels of love as it is their love and compassion that help us understand things, bring love and compassion in our lives, let us find our strength to endure, and somehow make us complete.

Generally this "bond" we have for this person is a strong one. Like a ying to someone's yang.

Have you ever felt as though you were meant to cross someone's path? Like you were supposed to have met them and become friends? You could be people from two different lives but for some reason, you were inseparable.

Has it ever happened to you? Where someone crossed your path and made a difference in your life? I don't know what powers that be in this world, but it seems like there is something that makes these kind of things happen. Be thankful of your angel of love, or guardian angel, or balanced partner, or whatever you want to call it, as there is a higher power that brought this person to you.

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