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A Womans Strength

A womans strength is the most powerful force in the universe. And if you are laughing at this statement, then you especially need to sit tight and read this. You don't even have to have an open mind, as the facts will speak for themselves.

Men and women are different, no doubt. And each have tried through generations to understand each other, without a great deal of luck I might add.

Maybe it is the way it was intended. Self exploration of each sex, and the individual, brings a pretty interesting life together. From the dawn of time, men have always been perceived as the stronger sex. You know, the strong man, the provider, the caretaker, the protector, and the one that never cries. Did anyone dare to look at a womans strength?

The woman, has always been perceived as the weaker sex, one that wasn't very physically strong, the one who needed protected, the dainty one, the one who needed taken care of.

How absurd! Men, for the most part, you may be, and I said may be, physically stronger then the woman in your life, and that's it. Be grateful for that much. And it's time for you to recognize a womans strength as your life partner, or in business, and be thankful they are there.

Women didn't just get strong over in the last decade, they have always been that way. It was society that held them down, and made them look weak. Now society, after hundreds of years have allowed them to show their true colors. SURPRISE!

As a man in my fifties, and being in the bar and restaurant business most of my life, I can tell you a few facts about a woman's strength. And as my site is about lost love for the most part, we will get to that part in just a bit.

But first let's talk about a woman growing up and facing puberty. Talk about a womans strength! Men, how would you like to bleed between your legs, once a month, every month, for the greater part of your life? And with that, comes for many pain, cramps, and a general feeling of exhaustion. How about getting you breasts jammed into a vice every year for a mammogram?And we haven't even spoke of baring a child!

Now let's go to college, and you will find that most women will excel. They have an inner strength, and are generally not procrastinators. Sure they like to party like the men, but you will find that they are more responsible. They will get their homework done, and will do better on their tests.

Women in the work place I have found them to be harder workers. In my businesses I have found them to be reliable, better workers, cleaner, neater, on time, hard working, catch on faster, better problem solvers, and more responsible. They need to take care of themselves, or help with income in their relationship, and they don't take this responsibility lightly. Sorry guys, you lose here too. And the best part of all these traits, is like the old song, girls just wanna have fun, and they can do that too. You can't come close to a womans strength.

A womans strength in a professional career? I have worked with many women as lawyers, doctors, sales, management, and a multitude of other professions. They don't come into work with their clothes wrinkled, they wear perfume, their hair isn't all messed up like they just rolled out of bed, and they act professionally. You will find they are always prepared and complete any task handed to them, on time. And usually provide more then what is asked.

C'mom guys, I have seen all of you in my businesses. Your shirts are always wrinkled, you never wear cologne, your hair generally needs to be combed, and your clothes don't fit right. Thank God for the guys that have women in their lives. You see, the women usually will tell you what matches with what, and they probably have to help you buy your clothes, and I am sure you come home and ask their opinions on work related problems. What would you do without them? A womans strength is quite remarkable.

Now let's not forget the mother in many, many women. For many women, not only do they provide you with a child, but they work too. Guys, you couldn't do it! They say that if men had to bare children, there would be no human race. Let's face it, women have to go through procedures for their health that men would just run from. Think about a womans strength

How does that woman, work a full time job, raise the kids, keep a house, and still find the time to spend with her mate? A miracle worker? YOU THINK? And the women that are stay at home mom's? I wouldn't want that job, would you? From the time they get up the are cleaning, cooking, and dressing the kids, and feeding, and running errands, taking them to games, and on and on. They have little adult company, and they do this day after day! They don't escape to work and socialize with other adults, go out to lunch, and catch happy hour with their associates a couple of times a week.

And let's not forget the financial aspect of all this. Most women, pay the bills, order the utility service, make appointments to get the car and house repaired, tell you if you can afford to buy the house or the car, and if you can, will do all the paperwork for that too!

This is not a man bashing article. It is just to show you what you may have been overlooking in your life. A womans strength. To be grateful for the woman in your life. Many men take this person for granted. And I am telling you s so you don't lose the woman in your life.

And finally the love part. A womans strength in relationships is very strong. When in love, many of us go through up's and down's and sometimes we divorce, or break up. Whoever was the one that got dumped goes through a terrible loss and heartbreak.For whatever reason this has happened to both sexes and they grieve. But men, no matter how macho they try to act, take the loss of the woman they love very hard. And it usually takes a very long time for a man to heal, if ever. Men don't talk with other men so easily about sensitive issues like this. And we are taught to be strong and show no emotion. Women on the other hand are a more sociable sex and generally have girlfriends to talk with to help them through a tough emotional time.

But it doesn't stop there. You will find most women are emotionally stronger then a man. If a woman gets dumped, she will hurt just like you. She will cry, and miss the man in her life very much. But, a woman is stronger and more resilient. They tend to be more logical and if someone doesn't want them, that is fine and they can press forward more easily. They will not sit there and grieve as long as a man will.

A woman will find her way, a different way, and will not sit around and feel sorry for herself. She will press forward. It will be easier for a man to approach her, then it will be for men to search out someone new in their life. A woman is a survivor, and WILL move on. This is a womans strength.

Men are more sensitive then women, and a man will take the loss of a woman he loves very hard. Harder then a woman can imagine. Or maybe even care. When a woman is through with you, no matter how silly your separation might have been, she is through with you. Period!

My advice to men out there is to realize just how important this love of your life is. And no matter how much stronger she is then you, she still is a woman, and wants to be treated as such. If you are lucky enough to hold on to this special creature, hold on with all your might, because if she feels she is done with you, it will be a loss that you may not survive.

And for all you older men out there, be aware that the tables have turned in the past decade. Although the forties seem to be the age when people split up, it may not be a good time for you. At one time it was hard for an older woman to enter into a relationship. The saying was men get better looking as they get older, and women start looking bad as they got older. Times have changed my friend. Don't underestimate a womans strength

Have you seen a forty of fifty something woman lately! What beautiful, smart, and self sufficient women they are! And when their relationship goes south, they go after younger men, and younger men want them.

I just spoke with an exceptionally attractive 53 year old woman and we were having a conversation about this. I said to her, if you were single would you go after a 40 year old man? She said, definitely not. That's too old! They are too old, and I would say a 35 year old man would be just right. That's 18 years younger then what she is! Talk about a womans strength.

A forty something woman is like a thirty something woman now. Maybe even younger. They are so desirable. It is said a woman that goes through a divorce today will be remarried in five years. That's pretty fast.

But they say a man over fifty will have a difficult time attracting a mate. They don't age as well, get a little out of shape, slow down, lose their hair, and some start having medical problems. Do you think there is a line of women waiting for you? I sure hope you have a wallet full of money, as that and power will have to be the seduction.

So with all the strength you have, hold on to this very special woman in your life. If not, you will miss her when she is gone!

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