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Bad Love Advice

Getting bad love advice hurts you. Where do you get your love advice? And how do you know when it is good love advice, or bad ? Is it from family or friends? Maybe from books? Here is what you need to know about love. No one can really help you, only you can help you.

When you are all confused, distraught, and don't know which was is up, only you have the answer. People who give you advice for your love problems, or books that try and guide you, are just their opinions. They are not "guru's" by no means. What thy tell you and what they write is just their opinion based on their own experiences. Period!

I read an article in the Washington Post about the majority of doctors in the mental illness field do not use scientific methods for the most part, but use their own experiences many times to give advice.

So if you go to a licensed marriage counselor, who is divorced, which happens many times, their own experiences will come out in the advice they give you. Does that seem right to you? Talk about bad love advice!

Bad love advice is all over. One size "does not" fit all. Oh sure the basics are there. You shouldn't put up with abuse of any kind, but everyone knows that.

The pain that one person might have gone through is going to be reflected in the advice you are going to get. Or, the pain that someone caused another because of their decisions, will be reflected in what they tell you. See what I mean?

I have a page here on this site where I try and give advice. I temper my advice to the point where I try and take my opinion out of the equation, and look at things logically. But am I completely right? NO!

You see, what's good for me, or what makes perfect sense to me, is not going to for you. We are all different people. We were all brought up different, and we all have different priorities.

Did you ever see a couple and one of the partners does something that just irritates you? You say to yourself, a friend, or your partner, "how does that person put up with that"?

They may have been together for a long time, but what is bad for you may not bother someone else. Get it?

Bad love advice is everywhere, even from some of the biggest names in the profession, professional or not. It is their opinion.

Honestly, you probably already know what is good for you. Many don't want to admit it, and some give up too easy also. I always believed my gut was never wrong. I believe we all have this ability, this feeling. Go with you gut.

Love advice can be helpful too. It allows someone to play the devils advocate and bring up things you may not have thought of. It allows you to vent and think more clearly. It also gives you a different perspective on the situation, and that is good.

What I look for in a person is not necessarily what you look for in a person. We are all different. Do what's good for you and what makes you happy. Think it out. Write it all down, exactly what happened. Then read it. You may be surprised what you find.

Loving someone and having someone love you back, "unconditionally", is something rare. And finding someone to take this journey through life with you is rewarding, no doubt.

If you are experiencing love problems, don't take bad love advice. Sure get advice or opinions from another, but you are the only one that knows this partner they way you do, and only you know what to do really.

Whether you are letting someone go, or you are the result of unrequited love, handle with care please, because love remembers.

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