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Being Used

Being used is a terrible feeling. And you won't know it until the breakup. People that do this to others have issues. They are weak, and are cowards. They didn't have the honesty and integrity to tell you that they didn't have those feelings anymore, if ever, so they let things go on.

Many times they have issues about being lonely, and don't want to be. So they hang around until they find someone else comes along. Then there is the sex. They don't want to give up a sure thing, which is you, until they find a sexual encounter that will take your place.

And then you have the ever popular "rebound love", which is just another word of saying you were being used. Rebound sounds good, it sounds like a love thing, but to say someone used you has a different meaning it seems. No one wants to be known as a person who uses others.

Rebounds, like other ways of being used, is about the persons need for emotional support, feeling loved, and sexual desire. And they don't care how they get it, as long as they get it. When they are done with you, have become stronger, and have found another that suits them better, they will leave you, permanently.

During the time you are having this relationship you may be falling for this person. I know you probably feel that you are so lucky and you are so happy. But as time passes, as your feelings grow stronger, their feelings were never there.

Many times, these people actually already know that you two were not a good match in their eyes, but will take anything they can get to feed their desires.

Once they find another person interested, they will leave you. And many times in not the most appropriate way. Many times, because they are cowards, when the time is right for them, they will just pick a fight with you, or use something you have said as an excuse to walk away.

These people know what they are doing. They are aware, but won't admit it to themselves, as it may make them feel guilty. And if doesn't work out, they will tell your friends and their friends, it just didn't work out. They will never admit that they used you. Cowards.

Be thankful that this coward has moved on and out of your life. As they had no respect for you and your feelings and emotions, they will move on with life as if nothing happened. But you need to be thankful they are gone, and not pine over them. I know that it is easier said then done, but you have to realize that were not the person you thought.

Maybe you loved them but this in fact is who and what they are. Now because of your breakup, you finally see the real truth, and that you were being used. They say that when two people breakup, that the intention to do so had been on their mind three months before they actually broke up with you, or just walked away without a word. Three months!

It seems people today have no respect for not only one another, but no respect for their feelings. Being used seems to be a part of today's culture. People who do this are the kind of people you do not want to be a part of. They are selfish people and only think of their wants and needs. You are not even a little priority in their life or their decisions.

These kind of people you need to be glad you are rid of. And if the saying is true, that every dog has their day, then one day it will happen to them. The premise of this site is love letters. The love you have wronged, to say you are sorry, and the love you miss. For those of you that have used others, it's time you wrote you love letter to say you are sorry.

Yes, they use different terminology these days when they use another to get what they want. But the bottom line is that they use people and throw then away as if you were a piece of paper with no feelings of guilt whatsoever! They just move on and leave you to your grief.

Heal and heal fast my friend, and next time choose more wisely. Be aware of even the most subtle changes in your relationships. You may keep this person and the hurt they have caused you in your memories for a long time, if not forever, as...love remembers.

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