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Can Friends Be Lovers?

Can friends be lovers? Anything is possible in the world, but I would highly suggest that you get this out of your mind. A friend is a person you depend on. A person you ask advice, and one that is always there for you, and that you trust.

Your friend is a person that you call on the phone and talk with and share many personal things. This is a person that you talk about your family, your job, and people you date.

What is your definition of a friend? I'm sure I left out a few things in the paragraph above, but you see what I mean. Now imagine that this friend is no longer there. Imagine they have died and you will never see them again. Imagine the sense of loss you are going to feel? You will miss this person for the rest of your life.

You will go through grief, loss, and depression that may last for many years, even a lifetime. Do you want this to happen? Of course not, so control your hormones, and never ask, can friends be lovers.

Let me explain. For whatever reason you may be considering this, please read this. Relationships for the most part are not long lasting, as nothing is forever unfortunately. And for many, you will go through a few partners before you get married. And as with relationships, along with the rate of success marriages seem to have these days, "long term" is probably two words I wouldn't use to describe these.

In the words of Dirty Harry, Do You Feel Lucky?

It is terrible to see what happens to two people who have loved each other so much, and they part company. Just terrible. Especially for the one who gets dumped. And ex's can't be friends! Can friends be lovers you ask? It would make perfect sense you would think. People in good relationships are good friends and lovers. They have the best of both worlds!

But if you will take notice, two people usually have a natural attraction to each other prior to them ever asking can friends be lovers. They start to date, and become close. Physically and emotionally. As they learn about each other, hopefully friendship grows and a bond develops.

Starting as friends, and having all the closeness that friends should have, you will lose that friend in the event something happens to your relationship, as ex's can't be friends. Are you willing to lose this friend of yours? Are you willing to NEVER have this person in your life again?

Think about what your life would be like without this friend in your life? Wouldn't it be like I described in the paragraph above? A loss, like the person died, and you would never see that person again.

Can friends be lovers? If you take a romantic chance with your friend, and it doesn't work out romantically, you will not only will have lost your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you will have also lost your friend. Probably your best friend. And remember, that former lovers can never be friends again.

Now, you will not only experience the loss of a former lover, but also you have lost your friend. And just because you were friends before it turned romantic, you can't go back to being friends. Why? Because you just can't go back.

Friends, especially good ones or best friends are to be cherished. People like that in your life don't come by that often. Are you willing to lose this person, and take a gamble that your romantic life will stand the test of time?

Friends can be there for you, and you for them, for many years, if not for the rest of your life. When two people break up and sever their relationship, they go their separate ways. You will never look at each other in the same way again. Once you have shared romance, it changes everything.

So not only your romance is done, but so is your friendship. So now I ask you again. Is it worth it? Do you feel lucky?

Did you know that there isn't just one person for us? Actually, there are plenty of people in this world that you could fall in love with. Did you ever know someone who was together for a long time, only to break up, and they find another person to love for the rest of their lives.

Sure, finding that special person in your life is hard. And it is. And it may take years to find them. Some very lonely years. And sometimes it comes quicker then you ever thought possible.

When two people meet and love each other for a lifetime, it's not that there isn't someone else out there that they could love or love them back. They found the person that works for each of them and they don't go looking for another. But if something happened to their relationship, or one of them would die unexpectedly, they will find another to love, if they want to.

After two people love each other so long and so deeply, many times they don't want another in their life. They don't want a replacement or another but it's their choice though.

The point I am trying to make is this. Can friends be lovers? Sure they can, but at what cost? As there are others in this world you have the capability to love, why not pass on your friend and let life find you a different romantic partner?

You each will thank each other for this decision for a long time to come. Can friends be lovers? Just remember that former lovers will never be friends again. You will lose that person in your life forever. And forever is a long time. Share the love of friendship, as love remembers.

Has A Frienship Developed Into A Romantic Relationship That Worked ?

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