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Childhood Effects On Love

The childhood affects on love are many. Many people however will tell you that children a resilient. Maybe so, but what a child perceives as a difficult moment in their life, can linger for the rest of their life.

As we as adults are all different, the same goes for children. The difference in us will determine what is an issue for us, and what isn't. Whatever is an issue can determine how we look at things, including love.

For children blessed with normality, they have no idea how lucky they are until they reach adulthood. Not all children grow up in a loving home. Where both parents are there and instill, confidence, respect, love, integrity, empathy, no financial hardship, the security of a home, not moving around a lot, and a loving family nearby.

Most of us get some of this and therefore there are childhood effects on love. They stuff they didn't get, and how they were raised will have a direct affect on you as you try to have a successful relationship and marriage.

The most obvious childhood effect on love is abuse. Physical or mental is devastating to any adult, let alone a child. Experiencing this changes you and your tolerance of this in your relationship may be none, which is good, or you may tolerate it as you think this is normal as it is what you lived with.

This goes for many other emotions also. As we are emotional beings, everything we do in life has an emotional response.

What if you weren't so pretty or handsome and your parents teased you, or didn't instill confidence in you? What do you think the results would be on the childhood effects on love for you as an adult?

What if you were shy as a child? You didn't have parents to help you out of your shell, and now as an adult, do you see how being shy has affected you and love?

What if you were sensitive, or hard? Each has their own results in adulthood that would affect your romantic relationship.

How about making your own way and listening to your own beat of the drummer inside you, or do you listen to what everyone else says instead? The childhood effects on love are real.

Based on our emotions, and there are plenty, what you have experienced as a child may never leave you as an adult. Try to resolve these issues as you get older in order to have an emotionally healthy romantic relationship as you get older.

Are there child effects on love? You betcha! Don't ignore them as you will bring these into a relationship, whether dating, or marriage, and you may hurt yourself, or someone else, and love remembers.

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