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I really never thought of adding a comment page, but a woman wrote in and wrote a lengthy comment, of which I appreciated. Her post is below. I have had a few saying thank you, of which I appreciated, but none of any length to post I didn't think. Good or bad comments help me to write better and to tackle subjects that they may like to have addressed that I may never think of. Short or long, I think I should post and will.

We are all entitled to our opinion and your opinion, good or bad, is appreciated.

Hi. I normally don't contact people on sites because I don't like giving so much detail but just had to comment on this one and here is why: I stumbled on to your site a few months ago and to be honest I found it interesting and intriguing. It took me probably a week to read through the site, spending an hour or two a night after work. I hadn't checked it this month and then tonight I noticed you had began writing again in your "Just a Thought" section. I was delighted!

Along the way, I read where you had sought advice from someone whose site you admired. You contacted her and she prompt wrote back in a few hours with her comments --that gave me pause. She thinks the site is "boring." She didn't read the site. Maybe she skimmed it but she didn't read it. I think your style of writing is appropriate forth this subject matter. Don't change the site based on someone's comments who didn't read it. Your are trying to compare your site to hers and they are apples to oranges.

I have not read her site or gone to it but based on what you said, they are different and for good reason. Just be you and if you are changing it because you want to and you feel it needs some sort of "umph!" then so be it. I think it is a good site. I don't necessarily agree with all that you say in the site and that is okay. After all, who does? I think we have different groundings in religion, especially. That in and of itself makes for differences in perception. Overall, thumbs up! Thank you for taking time to listen to my comments.

S. Lewis