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Dating Out Of Your League

This page although similar to my page "dating today" is different. Dating out of your league makes no sense, but when emotions come into play, nothing makes sense anyway. There are many people in this world to date that are more like you, so why date someone not like you? I know it may seem exciting, a new adventure, someone so different, and you feel that is just what you may need. But you are wrong.

It has been studied that generally, people date people who are close to them. People who are a part of their every day lives. After all, it makes sense as you spend most of your time in your own area. Going to work, grocery shopping, the gym, the dry cleaners, etc. You tend to get to know people that are nearby your life.

However, in meeting these people, you will also find the ones that are more like you and the ones that are not. It doesn't mean that that the ones not like you are bad, it's their lives, looks, circumstances, and education, to name a few things, are different. No compatibility.

There has to be some common ground here. If not, your lack of things in common will only separate you. Don't get me wrong, many times it may be a sexual attraction, so go ahead a go for it if you want to, but it will never be more then that. Even if the sex is really good!

Let's look at looks. People who are similarly attractive date each other. A drop dread gorgeous woman is not going to date someone that looks like Frankenstein. And visa versa. So you can't really date someone that is not in your league. I know some people have these magic mirrors at home, and think they are the cats meow. If this is the case, get a new mirror.

You need to be realistic. I think Jennifer Lopez is beautiful. And I think I am an averagely attractive man. But she isn't going to date me! Period, end of story. You have to be realistic here. You may find that person attractive, but let it go right there.

Money. Yes money! If you make an average living and have had an average life, trying to date someone with a lot of money won't work either. You have nothing in common here. You want to go out to dinner at a regular restaurant and they are used to going to five star restaurants. They go on vacation three times a year and you haven't been on one in two years, maybe three. You live different lives financially. You can't be a part of this world. You wouldn't even feel comfortable with their friends, or even topics of discussion. In fancy terms it is a socio-demographic death sentence. These two were the biggies.

Manners, cleanliness, maturity and the rest are also a concern. Some people are pigs, and some are very clean. Some are very mature, and some act like children. Some are polite and some are rude. Some people hate kids, and some don't.

As you can see that what we are like determines who we date. Date well, fall in love, and in your league.

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