...love remembers

Divorce and Separation

Is It Sexual?

Divorce and separation have been become as common as going out to lunch. A once taboo subject, it is talked about like the weather anymore. No secrets, no ooohs and awwws. It has become normal.

But for those who actually experience divorce and separation, it is not so "normal". In fact it is heart wrenching. I don't think anyone can imagine what it does to a person unless they have actually have gone through it.

It affects us a person, our soul, our confidence, our sense of failure, our sex lives, our homes, our children, our jobs, our friends, and the list goes on and on. It affects our "life".

As as there are many many stories about these, many very similar, and many really off the all, there are a few things many have in common. One thing in all of divorce and separation is unrequited love.

And unrequited love is a terrible feeling. But let's move on here. You'll find in many relationships that each one, if not both, will take each other for granted. Why we do this to the people we said "I DO" to, I don't know but we do. We also let ourselves go physically. We get fat, we wear clothes in front of each other that we would have never done while dating. So, why don't we keep ourselves looking the best we can?

Do we figure, well, we have the person now and they love us, so I can be a slob now? Well, if you were a slob back when you were dating, do you think you would have made it to the second date, let alone the first one? It's not over when you commit to a relationship or marriage, it is just beginning. And as nothing is forever in this life, what makes you think that someone is going to love you forever if you take them for granted, look like a slob, and gained fifty pounds??

Is everyone in a dream world? What are you offering to your love to keep them loving you? Do you want to face divorce and separation?

Now to the sex part. Yes, the sex part. We are all different people, that's for sure. And as human beings, we are a sexual species. Let's face it, it feels really good. If you don't feel this way, then you need to figure out what is wrong. You can't say, "it's just the way I am".

Sex, or the lack of it, will be the reason more people seek divorce and separation then any other. As a man speaking, I always said, if a woman wanted to keep her man in love, and home, she could. Period. But I also have realized through the years that some men are lacking in this area, and don't desire sex that often either. So men, if you wanted to keep you wife or partner home, you could.

Why would a sexual man or woman enter into a relationship or marry someone that was not as sexual as they were? Yes, some are more sexual then others, but there needs to be a sexual relationship here. People go through divorce and separation mostly because of lack of sex and money.

And then there are the prudes. How many years can you have sex with your partner in the missionary position?? You need to try new things, different position, toys, etc. It brings you closer and looking forward to being with each other.

I know guys and women that can't wait till their partner comes home! They have sex all the time, in many different ways, outdoors, in the car in a parking lot, on the kitchen table, etc.You will lose your partner without a healthy sex life. If nothing else, see your doctor.

If the reason for no sex is because the person has changed and there is no desire to have sex with them, you need to get a hold of your life and fix it. I really don't want to hear that you work two jobs, and your tired, and the kids make me exhausted and I don't feel like it. Whatever! This is life!

Do you want your partner to leave you or have an affair? Divorce and separation is not funny, and don't ever say, it would never happen to us. Because you never know what tomorrow brings?

Don't think that surviving divorce and separation is easy. No matter which one leaves, you both will pay dearly emotionally, and financially. Avoid this if at all possible in your life. Because ...love remembers.