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Does Love Exist?

You may say to yourself, of course it does. But does it really in this day and age? The word love is used far too often today. People love everything, don't they? But the problem is, the meaning of true love gets lost in all the rhetoric.

To really love someone, or say that this one person is your true love, is a statement of fact. A statement that is serious, and brings with it many consequences. Does anyone out there understand the true ramifications of saying that you love someone, or that they are your true love?

In my research, I can tell you I have read so many letters of heartbreak, it is enough to sit down with a box of tissue, and a case of beer. And I'm a man!

Some of these stories that I have read are unbearable to read when you see the grief and mourning some of these people have shared, male and female, of lost love. The term "true love" is used loosely. Instead of saying I like that person. They are really nice. The term love is used as if in passing. People today spend time with a person. They date, and maybe spend most of their time with this person.

And that's nice if you are on the dating scene. The problem being, is that although this person may like you and spend a great deal of time with you, and like you a lot, somewhere down the line, probably in the heat of passion, someone tells someone that they love them.

You can feel very close to someone, and like them a lot, but that word should not be used unless you are ready to commit yourself to that person! And that is not the case most of the time. If you would possibly think of dating another if the opportunity presented itself, then you don't love the person you are with. And no, they are not your true love! When people say they love each other today, it is for the moment.

When you tell someone you love him or her, you are committing yourself. If you don't want to be committed, then the word love should never be brought up in conversation. Any conversation! People date through their lives and tell multiple partners they love them. Or tell them that they are their true love. But in reality, they would leave if they found someone more interesting.

Is that true love? I don't think so. In the mean time, the people you have told that you loved have to pay the price for your cruelness. If you, down deep in your heart, told that person you loved them, then you just don't pick up and leave when the first pretty face walks by, male or female.

There are always going to be attractive people that cross your path in life. But when you tell someone that you love him or her, yes you can notice that this person is attractive, but you move on with your true love.

When you don't, and when you say the word love, instead of like, what you do to the other half of this relationship is terrible. You break another persons heart so badly that you make them physically sick, and possibly destroy their life. Why would you do that to someone? You aren't the one who got hurt, and probably didn't think twice about breaking up with this person. What kind of person are you?

If you are dating someone, and DO NOT plan to become one, get married, and so on, then you should keep you love words to yourself. By doing this, you are telling the person that you enjoy spending time with, is just that. They are just a person you enjoy spending time with. Then, the other half of this relationship can decide if they want to continue this relationship. Maybe they won't? Maybe they will? Maybe they are in it for the long haul and maybe they love you a lot.

If you are honest about how you feel from the start, then relationships may not last so long once they realize how the other feels. And then, people won't spend a lot of time in that relationship if they know it's not going anywhere. Also, the hurt and the pain of a break up will be much less if everyone is truthful from the start.

You always hear of someone taking their life because they were so in love with someone and they broke up. Can you imagine what that feeling of hurt and desperation must feel like? Does true love exist? I guess if you asked me today I would say no. True like exists no doubt. The term true love is used to easily without knowing or understanding its true meaning.

True love is supposed to mean something. Telling someone you love them and them saying it back to you is supposed to be a beginning for your lives together. Just don't tell someone you love him or her, unless you are going to forsake all others for that person.

Not just until the newness of your current relationship or marriage wears off and you find that same newness in someone else. When hormones get raging it is a wonderful feeling experiencing a new love, a new excitement.

You can tell your special person you really like them. You can tell that person that they make you happy. You can tell that person all the nice things you want, and they probably deserve. But true love should be kept out of the conversation until you are ready to speak the words and mean them.

These are not dating words! These are serious and life altering words that you speak.

Don't play with other people's heart. We have one of them and the heart can be a very fragile thing. When I read these letters and one is telling their true love how much they love them, and please come back, you can feel their pain in every sentence they write. True love? I don't think so. It was "true like" in these cases. They used the word love as if it meant nothing at all. And if you have ever known love in your life, then you know the difference.

I want you to date, and have fun with each other. Support one another, and enjoy one another, with eyes wide open. Tell them you really like them. But don't tell them you love them, as love remembers.

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