...love remembers

Dont Date The ing In Your Life

Dont date the ing whatever you do. Never! So you want to know what the "ing" is? Date no one who is divorcing, separating, grieving, healing, suffering, or hurting, if you want to keep your heart in tact. People who are going through this need to heal. And they are hurting no doubt.

Did you ever hear of "rebound love"? That is what you will end up being is a rebound love from someone going through the ing. You meet them and fall in love with this person. They need love, comfort, understanding, sex, and someone that appreciates them.

But when they heal, and become strong again, they will let you go! Yes, they will have used you. Not a great position to be in. Does it ever work out? Sure, probably sometimes. But dont date the ing as the odds will show you that you are going to end up the transitional person. The one that comforts them through their healing process. The rebound lover you are destined to be so please dont date the ing.

You really have to understand, and they do to, that this lonely time, this time of healing has to take place. If they want to have sex, so be it, but it should be just that. Go ahead and join in and enjoy yourself. It may be the best sex you ever had as all their pent up passion will be released on you.

The tales of dating a divorced person are true. But if you are the first one to date them, and they haven't healed yet, you will be the next ing.

Do they know better? Yes, and no. Many people know that dating someone who has just come out of a relationship is a no no. But some, no matter the circumstance, find the person attractive and loving, and think that this person is different and I know they are sincere, and truly loves me. WRONG!

The ing person also falls in love. They really feel that they have met someone so special. They can't believe how lucky they are. Do they know better? They should! And they very well may. But their need for love, comfort, and sex, turns off their common sense ans uses the person they are with. They know they need to heal, but their desires and need makes them do away with what they already know is not going to work. Yes, they are knowingly going to use you.

I read where one man in a relationship like this got rejected and said "I wanted to be the guy, not the rebound guy". Well, he should have let someone else comfort her, and he should of been the second guy, not the first. The second guy they usually marry. So, dont date the ing.

Love is great and difficult. Where matters of the heart are concerned, rejection can be devastating and many times life altering. Dont date the ing, or you will be reading my other page on unrequited love. And believe me, you won't want to be reading that page.

The ing person will leave you, and will go on with their life as if nothing ever happened between you two. People in general want what's best for them, and honestly don't feel guilty about leaving you. It's your problem now. Because you made the mistake. Because you didn't use you head. Because common sense did not prevail.

They new better not to get involved with someone until they were healed. You knew better to date someone that is divorcing, separating, healing, grieving, etc. Someone has to get hurt here, and it's going to be you. Be friends, friends with benefits, pals, and even lend an ear and be kind to this person.

But dont date an ing, because you will get hurt, and love remembers.