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Do Relationships Make Sense?

Do relationships make sense in this day and age? People these days stay together for a long time but inevitability break up or divorce fifty percent of the time. And second and third attempts are not any better most of the time. Some people will even just stay with the person by the second or third attempt, happy or not, to satisfy their need of not being alone, or because of financial concerns.

But are these the reasons for a relationship? We live in a different time now. Many years ago, people only lived a short life span, so their time with a person they loved was not long at all, considering the life span for many was thirty five years.

But through progress and technology, we live so much longer. Can two people actually love each other, desire each other, have passion for each other, for fifty or sixty years? That's a long time! And since variety is the spice of life, it seems unlikely.

If we just start with the sex part, how many years can the sex be fulfilling, interesting, passionate, and desired? And since sex is a huge part of human beings, or should be, as it is one of the main reasons people break up, how long before you desire another? Is it wrong to desire another? Or is it natural to want to feel that passion and excitement?

So do relationships make sense? Do we continually strive to make one another happy and fulfilled? I don't think so. We generally take each other for granted, and become room mates rather then lovers it seems.

Do we enjoy life separately, and have someone to share it with when we come home? I don't think so. We get caught up in each other and life and we become less of an individual that loves our partner. So do relationships make sense?

That's all we do is chase the almighty dollar to have things and enjoy them NOW, only to realize that we work so many hours, plus commute time, that we don't have time really for our partner, do we? So do relationships make any sense?

And as we get older and grow as people and we change and look at life in a different manner, and our partner doesn't, and as we grow apart and contemplate divorce or separation, do relationships make sense?

Do we have the patience to put up with each others little quirks that annoy the hell out of us for sixty years? Do we yearn for another to touch us, someone to treat us in a different manner, enjoy life in different ways, and is our mind consumed with these thoughts?

Would it make more sense to have a fifteen year commitment, and at that time we walk away, unless we want to renew?

When I got married, everyone had one bank account in which the money that was earned was put. It was a shared account, a family account. Today, I see that even though people are in relationships or married, and say they love and trust their partner to death, they keep separate accounts.

This is mine and that is yours. So do relationships make sense? Are people before they even get started planning for their exit? Some people may say that is the responsible thing to do. I don't know what responsibility has to do with it, but I realized one thing a long time ago. You can rationalize anything. You can make anything sound the way you want it to.

Men and women cheat on each other every day. Whether it is for sex or an actual affair. And each have their reason why, and what they are missing in their relationship, that they have a NEED to go and get. So, do relationships make sense anymore?

And as our view of relationships has changed dramatically over the years, how will we feel about them years from now?

I know love is the best there is. Being loved, unconditionally, bu someone and you loving them back cannot be matched by anything in this world. Loving someone to the bone is a feeling unmatched in life. And sharing your journey in life with someone you love like this is wonderful. But the world we live in has become complicated.

Do we stay with our partner, or our spouse, out of love and the commitment we made to each other, bar none? Or don't commitments mean anything anymore. Are the words at the alter just a tradition only, and without meaning? Is your word your bond? What happened to "in good times, and in bad"? And "till death do you part"? Are we all just liars?

Before you make decisions in you life, know that, love remembers.

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