....love remembers

Empty Nesters

As the children grow up, it is the part of life that adults are very happy to be known as empty nesters. What the hell, the kids are gone!

Now I didn't mean that in a bad way. But what the hell, I can walk around the house naked again! No wraps, no shorts, no robes, no nothing! OMG!

Yes, I know, many couples go through a two phase empty nesters syndrome, that is really related to each other.

Some families are really close and once the kids are gone, what do we do? After all, for the better part of twenty years everything has been about them really. From teaching them how to use a toilet, broken hearts from puppy love, and studying for SAT's. And everything in between.

Some take it hard as they no longer have anything to really do now. It's like their purpose in life is gone. But is doesn't usually last too long. People keep in touch with by phone and email these days, not to mention Skype, and it really isn't so distant.

For many, they are so excited for the first time they have time to themselves. We as adults put so much on hold for many of us, that it is like getting your life back, all be it a bit older and maybe a little heavier.

But many times after the kids are gone, the divorce papers flood the mail boxes. Many already knew and planned this as they stayed for the kids to give them a two parent home, which is becoming a little unusual these days I must admit.

People grow apart. An excuse? Maybe? Maybe not? We all change. And you'll find that every decade of your life you will change. We are who we are inside, but our mind change and opinions are altered as we age, society changes, and we mature.

Some say they never saw it coming. It was right there looking at you, but they still didn't see it coming. Because your partner is loving and caring, not to mention responsible, does not mean they are happy. Believe me!

Many say that they have been married for twenty plus, years that brings them usually to somewhere in their forties, the decade of separation, they are empty nesters, and not happy. And still they figure if they have been together this long, and they are that old, they would never split up? Why?

Did you keep up they way you were together, after you had kids? I know, you say, of course not. We were tired, taking care of the kids, bringing them here and there, lessons, practice, etc.

And you ignored the growth, love, and romance for each other I am sure. Was it worth it? Did you think that you getting fat, too tired for lust and passion, making love in the car again is wrong?

The pinch on the butt, the kiss on the back of your neck, the overwhelming desire for each other, is it all gone? You're empty nesters, not dead.

People say that after so many years that the passionate love you had when you married just turns into a different kind of love, a deeper love. Bull_ _ _ T!

Yes, your love better have grown, and deeper to, but not at the expense for that love you started with. Or you may be getting those papers in the mail after graduation. Then you will be a part of the true empty nesters crowd!

16% of people in their fifties are divorced. 45% of people in their fifties shack up, and don't marry. 40%of women and 60%of men cheat on their partner. The ones that aren't divorced probably can't afford to be, or have health problems. So there is ony a little left that truly kept their love alive.

So let me ask you, do you think the reason these people cheat is because they want a better golf partner? Or a better lover? Daaa!

Most people want someones attention. Most people want to feel loved and appreciated. Most people like exciting and passionate sex. I know, you say my spouse knows that I love them. Proof is in the pudding. And action speaks louder then words as we all know.

If you have had a partner or a spouse, and the kids are ready to leave the house, are they the only ones leaving? Empty nesters can have a wonderful life together. They can pick up where they left off, all be it a little older. You can still chase your partner around the coffee table, play footsies with them under the table at the restaurant, and learn more about sex. So go watch a good porno. It does a body good, because love remembers.