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How do I know what you're thinking?

This one is for the women. ESP you ask? Yes, that would be it. You can't believe how many times that I have been out, especially in a bar, where you over hear a couple or a group of guys talking about the fight they had got into with their girlfriend about her being mad that they didn't know what she was thinking. LOL

Do women actually think all men are blessed with ESP? That was a rhetorical question, no need to answer. It's true though. Whether it is something that was said, or done, a woman will get mad because what was done made her upset, unknowingly by her boyfriend. Then when the cold shoulder comes, or the silent treatment, or maybe the all out fight, the guy has no idea what in the hell just happened.

No ladies, men are not stupid. And if you think that a man wants to start a fight with you, you're wrong. But men do not have ESP.

Many women feel that if their man doesn't know what she's thinking, then they are not as close as the woman thought. Here comes the problems!

Men and women in a sense can know what the other is thinking. But only if you have history. I mean real history. If you date and really have not had time to get to know the past life of the person you are with, there is no way to know what will upset her, and also what really makes her happy. It's just called HISTORY.

Once you get to know the person completely, then it is not too hard to figure out what are the triggers that make them mad or happy. But a lot of the times, women tend to want that ESP going on too soon.

History will remedy that I promise. Don't get mad or break up with your boyfriend because he doesn't have the ESP tuned in quite yet. It will come, it really will.

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