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Experiencing Loss

Experiencing loss in life is one thing that is a guarantee. As this site is about love, and is something we will talk about, you will be confronted with experiencing loss on many different fronts. Learning how to deal and cope with it is the trick.

From a very young age we all will go through the emotional state of experiencing loss. We will lose baseball games, lose a girlfriend, not make the cut for the cheer leading squad, we will lose a parent or a loved one to death, experience the loss of divorce, lose a job, lose a home, and loss is everywhere in life. Including the loss of someone you love very much.

As all of us are built differently, the way we deal with this loss is also different from another person. Some people, emotionally, are very strong. Their emotions are not heightened in anything, even lost love. They seem to get through without missing too many steps and move on very easily. It's something that is not learned, but you are born with.

Many times these people are regarded as strong, or hard. They are not stronger then anyone else in reality, but this part of them seems to be a little more numb, then a person that is more emotional. In this particular aspect of life, and emotionally strong person rationalizes things differently in their brain.

They have no control over it, it is just in their DNA. They may be experiencing loss through their life in many ways, but seems as it doesn't bother them. No, they are not weird, it's just who they are as people. When these people have loss in their love life, it hurts them also, but not to a degree that cripples them, or at least for very long. This is a wonderful attribute to have in life and love. Many people envy what people perceive as their strength.

And then there are those experiencing loss that are very emotional. This is a part of them that they usually hate. They hate getting emotional about loss. And no matter the context of the loss, their emotions get the best of them. It's part of who they are and their DNA. These people take a longer time to recover from loss.

They perceive the people who are stronger emotionally as being unfeeling people, ruthless, selfish, or numb. It is a true statement, and then again not. As from the perspective of the emotional person, it seems that way. But from the person that is not so emotionally sensitive, they don't understand why the emotional whine so much. They make statements like, move on, get a life, your a whiner, it is what it is, and generally have not much use for an emotional person.

An emotional person will struggle with loss, and especially experiencing loss through unrequited love. These people get hurt very deeply. They hurt to the bone. When they love, they really love you. And if you are on the receiving end of being loved like this, it is a wonderful feeling. But when they experience loss in their life, it takes them a long time to heal. It's not that want to hold this hurt inside, it is that their body functions this way. They have no other choice.

When experiencing loss in love, it will take them a long time to heal, if ever. Their memories seem to hold on to this attack of their soul, and to them personally. They don't forgive easily, and the losses the experience in life truly hurt. They "experience" life because they feel it.

It is very important for these two different people to understand each other. Doing so enables each other to appreciate each other, and not judge each other too harshly. Being empathetic here is very important. Respect is a term used once long ago that has seemed to have moved by the way side.

There isn't a lot of respect in this society as there once was. For each other, others feelings, their property, their work, their possessions, etc. Respecting each other, and yes our differences, is vital in this world today.

When you find that an emotional person is having a hard time in whatever their loss, and especially love, it's up to you to lend a hand and a heart to help them through, as they are probably devastated. And on the other side of the coin, it's up to you to help the emotionally strong to understand the others, be more compassionate, and empathetic toward others.

Experiencing loss in love and in relationships is the closest thing to losing someone in death. People these day seem to go on hurting each other and not caring what they have done to someone else. Before you enter into a relationship, enter with open eyes, and a skeptical heart. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Guard your heart and take it real slow. Real slow. Try to make it work so neither person has to experience the loss of love, and the experience of unrequited love, as love remembers.