....love remembers

Forgetting The Past

When your past continually hurts you, people tell you to move on. However, forgetting the past can be difficult, or so it seems. Try and look at things like this.

Look at life in another way. It's really not the the things that happened to you in your past that makes us feel bad. Although you would think that. It makes sense, right?

It's rather that we believe our lack of ability to have a better future. The negative wins. But if the future appeared to be happy and prosperous, the painful past memories will become happy memories.

It's true that people forget about the old relationship whenever they start a new one, man or woman, it's just because the future became happy again. It reminds me of an old joke that says to a woman, in order to get over one man, you need to get under another. Some says it works. Some says it doesn't.

When you love someone dearly, and your love is not returned, forgetting the past of this unrequited love seems impossible. After all, how do you not become sad when someone through you under the bus, or kicked you to the curb? This partner of yours is what made you happy, a reason to get up in the morning, and the filled your life and heart with peace.

Forgetting the past? Doesn't seem likely when you love one person so much. However, every day you live from this point on, becomes your new past. And you can make your new past one that is nice to reflect on, rather then bring you pangs of hurt.

Once a depressing and hurtful thing is done to you by someone you loved, and trusted, it is a negative emotion. While experiencing these negative emotions, you feel as though your life is over, it's through, and it's over. You could never be happy with another, could you?

This is the problem. We both know your life is not over! And if someone told you that they could see the future, and told you how happy you were going to be, would you still be sad? I don't think so.

Sure, you're hurt and can't imagine any good through all this bad. But if you realize that every day that goes by is going to be your past, you really don't want to look back on this as a sad past.

Forgetting the past really is that simple. Search for, and do all the things that bring happiness into your life. Good things make you forget bad things really, really fast.

Just the thought that you will meet someone that will want to be in your life, and love you is pretty nice. Doing all the things that bring you joy is pretty nice too.

Just remember, that a little good will take away the sadness, and the thoughts of being rejected. I'm not one of the "positive people". I'm realistic. And I know that when some good enters your life, the bad doesn't seem to enter the forefront of you mind anymore. It is your belief that nothing good will ever come into your life ever again.

And we both know that is not true. So believe that people all over this world go through unrequited love, and they do. And believe life will go on, and it will. And believe you will have a good life.

So don't wallow in the bad. Sure you are hurt, and you have to mourn a little, that's normal. But then do for yourself and make yourself happy. When today becomes yesterday, you will have good, happy, and healthy thoughts, as love remembers.