...love remembers

Growing Older

Being young seems to stay with you for many years. The years seems to go so slow. The growing older feeling seems to hit you when you are between 40-45. Not that you feel old at this age, but you notice the years start to pass a little more quickly.

Anyone with children seem to mark the years passing as they see their children age. As all of us were at one time were young, we remember how we felt about people we knew who were older. Maybe a term that may come to mind is "ickee" or "gross". But we all will have out time when we will be called these words, I promise.

The funny thing about growing older, is that although your body ages, the person you are, is still 30. By 30 you have become the person you are going to be. So in a 50 year old body, you still feel 30.

In our society, a premium is put on youth. And with technology advances, and people caring for their health, there are many people growing older that simply look as much as ten years younger then they are. However, as the clock ticks, there comes a time that not even the best of us can fool mother nature.

It's a shame that society does not offer much for us growing older too. Working in food and beverage most of my life, I like to go to a bar and have a few drinks and talk with people. At 55, I feel 30, and don't really want to sit home day in and day out, watching tv and going to bed early.

What do people do? Go out for dinner. WOW! I like to go and do but not much is offered for people my age. If you walk into a bar, even as I feel 30, I still am 55. And some look at you strange like what is he doing here? Although they will find out when they are older, we need bars for older people, so people don't think we are "ickee" or "gross".

Growing older also brings us to the decade of separation. So for many, growing older brings changes in our love life. I think an older woman, over 40, is the most attractive, confident, and secure. Younger women are nice, no doubt, but have nothing in common at all with them. For older women, things have changed a bit over the past five years anyway, where their target seems to be younger men. It used to be just the men that were going after the youth market.

As I have written on another page, more then a five year difference between people usually ends up in problems. Some people may have better luck with a bigger age difference, but there are always exception to any rule.

Growing older brings a calmness to love too. You love deeper, trust more, and respect each other. You don't find too much of a partner throwing the other under the bus too much, like younger ones do.

Work as if you love what you do

Love as if you have never been hurt

Dance as if no can see you

As before you know it, you will be growing older too. Enjoy life, as love remembers.