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Guarding Your Heart

Guarding your heart should be something you should be taught at an early age. After all, there isn't much that will directly cause you so much pain in your life, then love. But is it possible?

The promise of tomorrow with some you love is invigorating and gives you that reason to smile on your face when you go to bed at night,and a reason to get up in the morning.

We are taught the hard way when we are young and puppy love bites us. We never forget that feeling of pain and sadness, and we definitely don't want to feel that again. But after such pain do you start guarding your heart? Yes and no.

As this feeling of love we remember so vividly, we cannot help ourselves but to go back and try again. In life, we would never do such a thing. If you keep on doing the same thing over and over and keep getting the same negative result, you would quit doing that so not to get that negative result anymore. Right?

But the desire for love is so strong that we hope, and many times pray, for that one "good" result. Don't we?

Anyone will tell you to take it slow. Don't get serious and begin by guarding your heart. Makes sense, right? And of course you do. Well, you start out that way. At one point no matter how much you are guarding your heart, your emotions take over. You keep telling yourself I am keeping my emotional distance, but in reality, these feelings you are finding means love. OMG!

You can deny them all you want, and I know you were guarding your heart, right? But....

Some people say it is your responsibility, and common sense, to be guarding your own heart. If you do, then when things don't work out you won't be so hurt. But did you ever try to keep your distance and still date someone? Not really possible is it?

After all, it is all about "boy meets girl". The purpose of you to continue to date someone is to get close and see if you like each other. So how do you get close and guard your heart too?

In my opinion, there are many sayings out there that are just written in logical terms. We are human, and not logical beings.Guarding you heart, c'mon! Try as you may, the only way to do that is not to get involved at all in a romantic relationship. The reason you asked for, or accepted and second, third, fourth dates was your heart did get involved.

It's like after being hurt and someone tells you to move on. Sure it is easy for someone to tell you this, and it's logical no doubt, but is it realistic? Sure you will at one point as time heals all wounds, but as your heart is hurt you are not moving on anywhere at this point. The only person that is moving on is the person who just left you, and honestly they decided to do that months ago and just didn't tell you.

If you met someone, and dated. Time went by and things seemed to be going well. You are watching and guarding your heart and time passes. Six months go by, then nine. Ok, you have been dating for a year. Now a year and a half. I'm sure by now if you were trying to guard your heart, you have stopped. After all, you love each other and possibly may be thinking of taking this one step further. Then your partner comes home one day and says, "we need to talk". Where is all that guarding your heart then?

It seems to me that after a substantial amount of time has passed between two people, no one is guarding anything as trust and a bond has developed. This is where the hurt comes in. There is no guarding here and now. And if you are just dating, there isn't any guarding here either, as at this point there isn't any deep feelings here yet. Not really. Date someone for a couple of months and things don't work out, oh well. There wasn't enough time to pass that will cause you this heartfelt pain.

Guarding you heart? I don't think so. Life happens, and love remembers.

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