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Love Sayings

Love Sayings - It's all over now!

The affection has died. The adulation was been torn asunder. The tenderness has become as hard as stone. The passion, the attachment, the butterflies in the stomach...all of it is gone.

What sword could have struck the heart of the beauty that once was?

This love story was birthed from an innocent “hello.”

Damianion Ewell


In my darkest hour.In my deepest despair.Will you still care?Will you be there?

In my trials,and my tribulations,Through our doubts,and emotions.In my violence.In my turbulence.Through my fear,and my confessions.In my anguish,and my pains.Through my joy,and my sorrow.In the promise of another tomorrow.I’ll never let you part.For you’re always in my heart.


Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint Esupery


Work as if you don’t need the money

Love as if you have never been hurt

Dance as if no one is watching


Not talkin' 'bout a year no not three or four I don't want that kind of forever in my life anymore forever always seems to be around when it begins but forever never seems to be around when it ends so give me your forever please your forever not a day less will do from you

People spend so much time every single day runnin' 'round all over town givin' their forever away but no not me I won't let my forever roam and now I hope I can find my forever a home so give me your forever please your forever not a day less will do from you

Like a handless clock with numbers an infinite of time no not the forever found only in the mind forever always seems to be around when things begin but forever never seems to be around when things end so give me your forever please your forever not a day less will do from you

- ben harper


Love is meant to hurt. If you cannot get hurt then you never loved. It's not until you feel pain do you realize there was true love.

Never walk away from love just because of the fear of getting hurt. Knowing you can get hurt by the one you love is the best feeling anyone can ever experience.


Who wants to be a sloppy second? To a past love, to a current situation, to a job, or to ANYTHING or ANYONE... we all deserve to be at the front of someones mind, don't ever take the back burner, side burner or sloppy seconds...

If someone truly "cares" about you, they will never allow you to think you are an afterthought... you and your feelings will be in the front of their mind at all times...They will comfort you, reassure you, show you, prove to you and most importantly just love you for you!! How would whatever decision they are making effect you and them, the two of you together?

Not just them...when someone is so selfish not to think about how badly they could have hurt you, the DO NOT "care" about you!! IF you have told them that you are hurt and that they are hurting you...how could they care about you, if they constantly come back around to give you nothing, and then act like you are the impossible one?

That person only cares about one person....THEMSELVES! RUN...GET AWAY... don't except being an afterthought...if it is TRUE and REAL...they have to figure it out for themselves, you can't force them. So focus on yourself and if it is MEANT to be, it will be...If NOT, you WILL find what you deserve and trust when I say it will not be SLOPPY SECONDS (unless you allow it, that is... SO DON'T...)


Walking away without a word or explanation. Although it's considered to be the most impersonal and cowardly way to initiate a breakup, it is also, undeniably, the easiest.

Unfortunately, what was once a tactic reserved for spineless exesthe mystery of another person in your life is endlessly thrilling.


You’re the sugar to my Koolaid,The ketchup to my fries,The milk to my cereal,And my friend till I die


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