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Monogomy Monotony

That hit the nail on the head for many, monogomy monotony. It's true and is a fact that it can be boring, boring, and more boring.

Spending fifteen, twenty, thirty years with one person can be painfully redundant if you let it. So why do you let it? After the sixties, seventies, and eighties, sex is main stream if you haven't noticed. And if you haven't, you have to read more, get out more, talk to your friends, or something!

As I have repeatedly said, variety is the spice of life.And since you are practicing monogamy, I am sure monotony is in there somewhere. Neither of you may want to say that out loud, but it's there. For those of you that this isn't the case, you are the lucky ones, and you should write me and tell me all about it so I can post it for others.

Depending on your age group, many types of sex are taboo. Yes, there are some that think the missionary position and possibly doggie style is normal, and WILL NOT go further then that! For twenty or thirty or forty years!!!! Hold on, I need a cigarette.

These days, we have the ability to have these discussions pretty openly and if not, you always have porn to show you a video "how to" guide. Sure it may be a little awkward at first, but practice makes perfect. LOL

Also, every position they show may not be right or comfortable for you, but you have to do something, right? Couples seem to go through the motions and there lives get boring, or monogomy monotony. The same old thing, over and over. When is the last time you pinched your partners butt?

When is the last time your partners hands were all over you with your clothes on? When is the last time you pulled out mr. limpy from you unsuspecting partner as he was headed out the door and made made it mr soldier, and gave him something to smile about on the way to work? And visa-versa??

Monogamy monotony is very common. And a lot of the reason people separate and divorce. For some, if you aren't very forward, it may be a little hard for you to do something that you haven't done in a very long time, but wait till you see the look on your partners face!

Monogamy monotony I venture will fade as marriages will no longer last a life time. There will be two or three marriages in ones lifetime. About every fifteen years with a few years break in between, will get you to deaths door. If you change partners every fifteen years, your love life will stay exciting, but imagine all the baggage. The cost of happiness I suppose.

Or, you can spice up the lives with the partner you have. What do you have to lose, as love remembers.

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