...love remembers

Moving On, A New Beginning

Moving on, is a popular saying after a two people break up. "I need to leave you and find what makes me happy", the one that rejects you says. And as the rejected one, "you need to look to the future", your friends tell you.

Continuing your life past the end of a relationship is not only what has to happen after this, but it is mandatory. There is no choice here. None what so ever. Moving on from unrequited love is very difficult.

When my kids were young, I used to preach to them about looking forward to change. To embrace it, as it was one thing that was going to happen for sure, and that was things were going to change in their lives. I tried to prepare them for what life will bring, and not to be scared of it.

However, when we talk generally about things changing, we don't really think about our love life changing so much. We think about changes in jobs, where we live, going to school, etc. We don't think about the person we love, and that changing. But as we know that all things change, sometimes even the ones we love will change also.

The people that get married today for the first time, I wonder what they think of this kind of change possibly happening to them? Maybe they don't even think about it? It's all around us though. I'm sure everyone in this world of ours knows at least one person where their love life has changed, and their once loved partner is not there any longer. Sad really.

But reality is where we live so as life goes on so must we. The person that breaks up with you is changing their life. Moving on in a good way to them. They were not happy in their relationship and wanted to be. To them, moving on is to continue with life and find happiness, which everyone deserves.

On the other side of this relationship is the person that got dumped, kicked to the curb, thrown under the bus, etc. They are heart broken. Generally not understanding any of what is going on. And if this person had a loving partner, hopefully all of this is talked about, and explanation of why, so they can move on.

Moving on for either party is not an end, but look at it as a beginning. For the person that has left you, it is a new beginning for them. One that they felt they needed. There are even songs about people leaving someone that they love, but they need to move on as the person they are in a relationship with, isn't enough for whatever reason. This person needs to find happiness that they can't seem to find with the person they are with.

For the person who is on the bad side of the breakup is so very sad. They don't want anything to change as they are very content. But now, they need to move on also. They need to find someone in their life that is happy with them. Difficult is an understatement. But moving on is a part of life. And as we all know, life isn't easy sometimes.

Moving on is a time where we search inside ourselves. It's a time to reflect on what we had that worked well, and what didn't work well in our relationship. But we look to find what makes us happy, what are strengths are, and what or who makes us happy.

Moving on is a a new beginning. And it's hard to leave the past behind, for sure. You have these memories that may never leave you, but you move on. This may be one of the hardest things you ever do in your lifetime, but embrace this if you can. Start with a clean slate, and learn to love yourself and do the things that make YOU happy. If a new partner walks into your life, great. If that person leaves your life, you will be sad they left, but you need not need someone to make you happy. You need to do that yourself.

Easy? Hell no! But there are no choices here. And if you look at this in as much of a positive way as you can, someone better is out there. We all deserve to be as happy as we can possibly be. So both of you need to be moving on and hopefully you both will find what you are looking for.

The good times you each had should be cherished, and reflected on as you move on, as love remembers.