...love remembers

Mutual Consent Divorce

A mutual consent divorce is much, much easier emotionally and financially, then a standard divorce where there is hurt and bitterness. Divorce itself is not an easy task as it, by no means. Ask anyone who has been through it. But this type of divorce is where two people know, and are honest about, that neither of them want to be there anymore.

Sounds perfect right? Well, almost. Nothing is perfect. Even if two people go through a mutual consent divorce there still is loss to experience. They generally still love each other, but are not "in love" with each other. Each of them walking away has a different set of issue's. They honestly love each other, and care for one another. They have become more then "close friends", but not "lovers" anymore.

They have taken care of one another generally for a fair amount of years, have supported each other, and have been there for each other. And the funny part, is this won't change. They are as close as friends could possibly be, but just not lovers. Sounds like a great marriage doesn't it? Even after their divorce, they will generally know what is going on in each others lives, for the rest of their lives. In addition, you will probably find that they share drinks or dinner on a semi regular basis, and speak on the phone now and then too. They may divorce, but they will be eternally together.

But couples in this circumstance grew apart during their time together. They respect one another but there is no spark. Many times you will find a mutual consent divorce because of an age difference. Traditionally, it has been an older man with a younger woman. But will times changing, you may see this change somewhat with many older women dating younger men. Regardless, age differences that are extreme, that I spoke of in my other article, don't usually work out.

And many times, such an age difference, in excess of ten years, may not of even made a true marriage. Not always though. So many times the much older man becomes a security blanket for the woman. Someone stable, someone to rely on, with sexual relations. Again, sounds like a great marriage. But you will find that many times the lust is missing. The beginning of love feelings are absent or are far less intense. Not always though.

Sometimes with the age difference it's just a matter of growing apart are the years pass. However, it's not just age difference that makes people grow apart. A mutual consent divorce happens to people that are really close. Really close. And from being so close they are able to be open and honest with each other.

Shit just happens sometimes! No matter the circumstances that surround this mutual consent divorce, there still may be one of the partners with still "love" in their heart for the other, but knows this is the best for both. And sometimes, if you love the person, you will set them free.

In this abnormal setting, there is no name calling, no threatening, no raping each other of money and belongings, and no expensive divorce attorneys. It's handled for the best of each other. It may seem a strange thing to many of us, but it does happen and it does work.

These may be the healthiest of relationships. Crazy I know, but it's true. When there is love lost between many couples, the one that is rejected is devastated and we all know about unrequited love, and the pain and heartache it brings.

Whatever your situation, if you are divorcing, try with all the strength you can reach down deep and grab a hold of, and end as peaceful as you can. It would be nice, but you can't make someone love you. You just can't. And falling in love isn't for people that have a fear of rejection. You never know what tomorrow brings. Never!

But think of they days when you were happy and loved each other truly. Think of all the life you have lived together, and keep those memories close, as love remembers.