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Relationship Problems

You read about celebrity drama and relationship problems every day. That is the news I guess. So how is your relationship doing right about now? Really?

Is your significant other/spouse happy with you right now? Are you sure? Are you happy with them? What's wrong? Do you think it can be fixed? Do you want out? Do they want out?

Are the issue's sexual? Financial? Did you make the wrong choice in a partner?

Relationship problems affect us all at one time or another. Dealing with them, talking, and fixing them is usually the problem. Once started, no one wants to talk about it and seems to side step the issues. Without talking about them, you can't fix them. And we all know where that leads. To the lawyers office!

Years pass, life happens, people change, there is work, responsibilities, errands, families, and the list goes on. And we haven't even talked about if there are kids!

Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to do it alone, and cut your losses. You become room mates, and one of you want to throw the other room mate out! Or sometimes it's how you feel anyway.

Who told you this would be easy anyway? Relationship problems are as old as dirt. Getting through them is the key. And sometimes, life happens and it truly is time to call it a day. Hopefully not you though.

Was your choice of partners the right one for you? People marry or live together for many reasons. What was yours? No, really? Do you remember why you chose this person? Were the reasons legitimate?

Some people are in a cloud when making a commitment. I'm sure some may say, this is the one because they were great, and all their friends liked them mostly. Or was told, what a good catch, or you'll never be poor, or they are so funny, and the list goes on.

Some choose based on sex. Great lovers, but really have nothing else in common. Some choose someone that they think are good providers, but no lust here at all. Relationship problems start from the moment you choose, out loud. Yes, you made your choice! But was it the right one?

It's the darnedest thing, that some people really like someone a lot, enjoy their company, respect and really love each other, but they aren't cool, they don't run with the right crowd, or have the right job title, not in good shape, or whatever the reason, and all your friends say, what are you doing with them?

Peer pressure makes you think otherwise at your choice and you leave the person you did connect with, to be with someone that you thought, or everyone else thought you should be with. Are you thinking about the one you left behind?

Relationship problems are wide ranging and go from one extreme to another. But many you can solve with an attempt. Yes, you have to try.

Talking about sensitive subjects that may hurt the others feelings usually comes into play with relationship problems too. No one wants to say something, as they do care really, and that being said, don't want to purposely hurt someones feelings.

But with relationship feelings, things just have to come out, because without doing so, you know how this is going to end, don't you?

One of the most inquired about topics that I write about is "not being attracted to your spouse anymore". People plug these words into a search engine from all across the world with this dilemma. Relationships are all about chemistry, and partly about sex, and sexual desire for the other.

Some people that are having relationship problems never think it's their fault. Oh no! But their are some that think that since we are together and committed that there is no reason to have to take the time to look and smell good. Time, what's that? But you better find the time!

Have you gained a lot of weight? That is the biggest complaint and the partner looses the desire to have sex with their partner. Ok, your busy, I know. But you would have kept yourself looking pretty good when you first started going out, didn't you? Well, you need to make the time!

And you already know as well as I do that many of us get lazy, or are tired, and don't exercise, do we? So the pounds add on. Talk about relationship problems 101.

They say that when a couple have sex, it's making love. It's the closest you can be to the other. You are one at this time. It's good for your health, for men the doctors say use it or loose it, it relieves stress, and a time for both of you to stay close.

The extra weight is not healthy. And if you keep this up, you will get heavier, and NOT more desirable. You think, all these years we have been together, sex is not that big of a deal, and if it is, too bad. OK, relationship problems over and a lot of problems coming!

Do you walk around with clothes that don't fit, and never wear perfume or cologne? Why? If you love your partner, you will keep yourself clean, neat, hair groomed, and smelling nice. Otherwise, you are just a room mate. An unkempt stinky one too!

I know this all may sound superficial to you, but we are all still human with human desires. Just because you are together doesn't mean that it's ok to look drab. There maybe someone out there that is willing to keep themselves looking and smelling nice for your spouse. Then what?

Is this all that causes relationship problems? Of course not. But it is a topic that people search that they don't find their souse attractive anymore, now what do I do?

If people are searching this topic, there is a problem and it may be in your home. Relationship problems have a wide range. Many, through talking, and compromising, can be resolved. Financial issues can be tough, no doubt. But in time they can be resolved. Not be attracted to your spouse is a problem.

Just because someone promised, or took a vow, doesn't mean it gave you the right to let yourself go, not respect yourself or your partner. Partners will leave a relationship for this. We are physical, and emotional beings. That is what started your relationship to begin with.

We live in a throw away society. The DVD player broke, and it would cost more to fix it, so you get another on. It seems when relationship problems happen these days, the same thing happens.

Try too think back how you started together and who you were. You need to be honest with yourself, change, and keep your love strong so you don't loose each other in the shuffle, as love remembers.

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